Roller Derby Names: 254+ Catchy & Funny Roller Derby Team Name ideas

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Roller derby is an action-packed sport that takes place on a flat or banked oval track. The activity involves two groups, typically comprised of five skaters each, engaging in a competition to accumulate points through the successful navigation of their designated “jammer” around members of the opposing team.

The rest of the skaters, referred to as “blockers,” work both offensively and defensively to assist their jammer and hinder the progress of the opposing jammer. Roller derby bouts are divided into periods called “jams,” which last up to two minutes, with short breaks in between.

Roller derby is celebrated for its strategic depth and physicality, blending elements of speed, agility, and brute force. Skaters use their bodies to block, hit, and jostle opponents, but these actions must adhere to the sport’s rules and regulations to avoid penalties.

Ensuring safety takes precedence in roller derby, and participants equip themselves with protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This protective gear is crucial in reducing the chances of injury while engaging in the high-speed action of the game.

Beyond the rink, roller derby boasts a vibrant subculture with distinct team names, colorful uniforms, and passionate fans. It has gained popularity globally, with leagues and organizations dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the roller derby community.

Roller derby stands out as a distinctive and exhilarating sport that melds athleticism, tactical thinking, and entertainment, resulting in an electrifying experience enjoyed by both those actively involved and the audience.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of Roller Derby names that are sure to entertain.

Explore this list featuring humorous, imaginative, and extraordinary Roller Derby monikers for your delight.

Roller Derby Names

  • Block ‘n’ Roll: “Block ‘n’ Roll” as a roller derby team name signifies the team’s ability to both block opponents effectively and maintain a dynamic, fast-paced gameplay style, combining defensive prowess with agility and speed on the track.
  • Lady Liberty
  • Santa Fe Skaters
  • Mayhem Maven
  • Brawllipop
  • The Rockland Destroyers
  • Ice Raisers
  • Cataclysmic Cheetah
  • Miss United Skates
  • Blockingjay
  • Bitchy Butcher
  • Grizelda Grinder
  • Avatar of Dispair
  • Dagger Skateboarder
  • DeceptiConnie
  • Hellion Hustler
  • Manhattan: “Manhattan” as a roller derby name likely combines “mean” and “Manhattan” to convey a fierce, tough, and competitive persona on the roller derby track. The use of “Manhattan” in the name might also evoke a sense of urban grit and determination.

Roller Derby Names.1

Vintage Roller Derby Team Names

  • Luna Takedown: “Luna Takedown” for a roller derby team name suggests that the team is as fierce and unstoppable as a lunar force, ready to take down their opponents with strength and determination on the track.
  • Jawbreakers
  • Thrilled Thrillers
  • Mama Misfit
  • Left Hook Hunnies
  • Pumpkin’ Smasher
  • The Gruesome Twosome
  • Zelda Zombie
  • Faster Leopards
  • Mineral Skaters
  • Brawllipop
  • Icebreaker Inferno
  • Thunder Thorns
  • Queen Bees
  • Roller Derby Barbie
  • Skully Smasher: “Skully Smasher” as a roller derby name suggests a skater with a tough and aggressive style of play. “Skully” could imply a fearless or skull-themed persona, while “Smasher” indicates a penchant for hard-hitting and physically aggressive tactics on the roller derby track. It’s a name that conveys strength and a no-nonsense attitude.

Roller Derby Names Ideas

  • Rink Rumble: “Rink Rumble” as a roller derby team name implies that the team is known for creating an intense and action-packed atmosphere on the roller derby rink, where exciting clashes and battles are a common occurrence during their matches.
  • Reaper Rollergirl
  • Daria Doom
  • Diesel Chicks
  • Miss Fortune
  • Siren Storm
  • RinkyDink
  • Deer Flies
  • Knockout Nova
  • Deathrow Roller
  • Roller Geeks
  • Bonebreaker Bella
  • Lady Lightning
  • Tequila Sheila
  • Rainbow Fever
  • Lady Macdeath: “Lady MacDeath” as a roller derby name is a clever and dramatic play on words. It combines “Lady Macbeth,” a character from Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth,” known for her ambition and involvement in dark deeds, with “Death,” which adds a sense of danger and intensity.

This roller derby name likely represents a skater with a fierce and relentless playing style, ready to conquer the track with determination and power.

Funny Roller Derby Team Names

  • Thunder Thighs: “Thunder Thighs” as a roller derby team name highlights the strength and power of the team members, particularly in their leg muscles, which they use to their advantage on the track to block, pivot, and skate with force and determination.
  • Derby Lions
  • Turbo Terror
  • Susan B. Agony
  • Rosie the Ruiner
  • Marilyn Monster
  • Rolling Kings
  • Horrid Tacklers
  • Rampant Raven
  • Murder Maids
  • Abbey RoadBlock
  • Tempest Tigress
  • Naomi Cannibal
  • My hair color
  • Charging Beasts
  • Man Handlers
  • Brawlipop: “Brawlipop” as a roller derby name is a creative and playful choice. It combines “brawl,” which implies toughness and physicality often seen in roller derby, with “lollipop,” a sweet and colorful image.

This name could symbolize a roller derby skater who is both strong and entertaining, adding a touch of whimsy to the sport.

Roller Derby Team Name Ideas

  • Slam Dunkin: “Slam Dunkin” for a roller derby team name suggests that the team is known for their aggressive and effective blocking and jamming techniques, much like a basketball player executing a slam dunk, they aim to score big and make impactful plays on the roller derby track.
  • Pro Sliders
  • Fantastic Rollers
  • Toxic City Boys
  • Wicked Whiplash
  • One Hit Wonder
  • Chaos Hex
  • Lords Of The Rinks
  • Protractors
  • Whip Crackers
  • Eagle-Eyed Derby Demons
  • Full Throttle Faye
  • Priyanka Chop Ya
  • Skaterina Skulls
  • Rink Mayhem
  • Platinum Block Divas
  • Vixen Velocity: “Vixen Velocity” is a roller derby name that combines elements to create a vivid persona. “Vixen” typically refers to a cunning or clever woman, while “Velocity” implies speed and swiftness.

In the context of roller derby, this name suggests a clever and fast-skating competitor, portraying a skilled and agile persona on the track.

Roller Derby Name Generator

  • Pile-up Polly
  • Hovering Eagles
  • Roadie Fosters
  • Malice Monroe
  • Prodigies On Fire
  • Sigourney Reaper
  • Masters Of The Rinks
  • Pain Prowler
  • Rebellious Rollers
  • Road Ranger
  • Rumble Roxy
  • Infernal Myrtle
  • Rum N. Choke
  • Flock Of Fanatical Rollers
  • Thunder Wheeler: “Thunder Wheeler” could be interpreted as a roller derby name with a combination of elements. “Thunder” suggests power and strength, while “Wheeler” could allude to the agility and speed associated with roller skating.

Overall, this name conveys a sense of formidable force and skill on the roller derby track.

Roller Derby Names.2

How to choose a name for the roller derby Team.

Selecting a  name for roller derby can be an enjoyable and imaginative endeavor. Here are some suggestions that might help you

  1. Be Original: Avoid copying existing roller derby names or those from other sources. Your name should reflect your individuality and style.
  2. Check Availability: Prior to becoming too attached to a name, verify that it hasn’t already been adopted by another roller derby player. Conduct a brief online search or consult your local roller derby association.
  3. Avoid Offensiveness: In roller derby, where inclusivity and a warm community spirit prevail, it’s vital to choose a name that refrains from causing offense or alienating anyone.
  4. Enjoy the Process: Remember that picking a roller derby name should be an enjoyable experience. It offers an opportunity to express your team’s character and have some fun.
  5. Brainstorming: Initiate a brainstorming session with your team members. Jot down all ideas, even if they initially appear unconventional or humorous.
  6. Reflect team identity: Consider your team’s character, gameplay style, and the image you want to convey. Decide if you want a tough, fun, or culture-specific name.

Also, check out our given names collections.

Roller Derby Team Names

  1. Red Wizards
  2. Derby Outcasts
  3. Atomic Adrenaline
  4. Al Capwn3d
  5. Skating Riveters
  6. Rink Invaders
  7. Rebel Rockette
  8. Pack Of Jammers
  9. Demeaning Kings
  10. Cinnamon Roller
  11. Split Lip Sallies
  12. Arena Raiders
  13. Lady MacDeath
  14. Pearl jammer: “Pearl Jammer” as a roller derby name is a clever wordplay combining “Pearl” and “Jammer.” In roller derby, a “jammer” is a player who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. “Pearl” may be used to evoke a sense of something precious, elegant, or valuable.

Unique Roller Derby Names

  1. Acid Barrett
  2. Oh Hell No Kitty
  3. Count Smackula
  4. Bloodlust Bombshell
  5. Cool Rollers
  6. Ada Bloodlace
  7. The Grim Reapers
  8. Pippi Longstompings
  9. Agave Maria
  10. Pummel Pixie
  11. Sliding Savages
  12. Pain Eyre: “Pain Eyre” as a roller derby name is a clever play on the classic literary character “Jane Eyre” and the word “pain.” It suggests a roller derby skater who is tough, resilient, and not afraid to endure physical challenges and pain on the track.

Christmas Toller Derby Names

  1. Roller Babes
  2. Crawling Brawlers
  3. Tragic City Rollers
  4. Tent City Terrors
  5. Namur Rollergirls
  6. Your Mom Men’s Derby.
  7. Heels In Wheels.
  8. Vassals Of Terror
  9. Tell-Tale Tarts
  10. Emperor Of The Arenas
  11. Flaming Penguins
  12. Newcastle Roller Girls
  13. Iron Maiden: “Iron Maiden” as a roller derby name likely signifies a skater with a formidable and unyielding presence on the track. “Iron” suggests strength, resilience, and durability, while “Maiden” might add a touch of femininity or elegance, creating a contrasting and intriguing persona.

This name conveys a sense of power and tenacity, making it a strong choice for a roller derby competitor.

Unique Roller Derby Team Name In Georgia

  1. Macho Flamingos
  2. Buxom Bruisers
  3. Smash Skater
  4. Sin-diana Jones
  5. Orleans Brass
  6. Lucky Ladies.
  7. The Real Drillers
  8. Lucky Ladies.
  9. Atomic Angels
  10. Thunder Geeks
  11. Outlawed Renegades
  12. Super Smash Rollers.
  13. Flying Arrows
  14. Paris killton: “Paris Killton” as a roller derby name is a creative play on the name “Paris Hilton,” combining it with a deadly twist. It suggests a skater who combines elements of pop culture with a tough and competitive edge.

The “Killton” part implies a willingness to take down opponents on the roller derby track, while the reference to Paris Hilton adds a touch of irony or humor to the persona. It’s a name that likely stands out and leaves an impression.

Star Wars Roller Derby Names

  1. Rebel Renegades
  2. Flaming Skaters
  3. Great Callisters
  4. Razor Rapture
  5. Arena Invaders
  6. Furious Rollers
  7. Harbor Girls Hamburg
  8. Crazy Zombies
  9. Shredder Siren
  10. Derby Icons
  11. Hannibal’s Cannibals.
  12. Rusty Dabblers
  13. Rioting Rollers
  14. Skully Scrapper
  15. Rumble Roses: “Rumble Roses” as a roller derby team name signifies a team that combines power and beauty, suggesting they’re fierce and formidable competitors on the derby track with a touch of elegance and charm.

Popular Roller Derby Team Name In Florida

  1. Roller Toasters
  2. Rolling Chiefs
  3. Junk In The Trunk.
  4. Rollin Giants
  5. Molotov Maven
  6. Angry Sharks
  7. Skeeting Rockstars
  8. Rink Fish
  9. Smash Sister
  10. Blockwork Orange
  11. Cleveland Steamers
  12. Ravenous Racer
  13. Skull Smashers
  14. Wise Witches
  15. Rollin Jammers
  16. Scorched fighters
  17. Derby Divas: “Derby Divas” for a roller derby team name suggests a team of strong, confident, and skilled female athletes who dominate the derby track while celebrating their femininity and empowerment.

Conclusion: for choosing a name for roller derby.

selecting a roller derby name is an exciting and creative process. It’s an opportunity to express your individuality and persona while being a part of the inclusive and welcoming roller derby community.

To ensure a memorable and respectful name, prioritize originality, reflect your personality, and consider the impact it may have on others.

Embrace the uniqueness of roller derby, and choose a name that not only represents you but also contributes positively to the sport’s vibrant culture.

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