514+ New XFL Team Names Ideas List For Football League History

A good XFL Team Name plays a significant role in shaping the league’s identity, attracting fans, and contributing to the overall success and recognition of the XFL or any sports league.

The XFL league, founded by Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment, was a professional American football league known for its unique rules and innovative approach. Its objective was to offer an alternative to the NFL. The league had eight teams and operated for two seasons.

Some distinctive features of the XFL included a faster pace of play, fewer penalties, and a focus on entertainment, with elements like player nicknames on jerseys and on-field interviews. However, despite initial hype, the league faced financial challenges and folded after its first season in 2001.

In few years ago it saw a revival but had to halt its activities because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently filed for bankruptcy. The XFL’s future remains uncertain, but it left a mark on the world of professional football with its unconventional approach.

Giving good XFL team names in the XFL is important because it helps create a strong brand identity, engages fans, enhances recognition, connects with tradition and history, motivates players, and aids in media coverage, all contributing to the league’s overall success and impact.

Here are some of the names.

But before that, you need to know what kind of name suits your team the best.

XFL Team Names 2024

To create a memorable name for the XFL league, it should be distinct, easily recalled, and evoke strong emotions. Memorable names often have a unique quality, whether it’s through alliteration, clever wordplay, or a combination of relevant terms.

Additionally, the name should resonate with fans and create a sense of belonging, making them want to associate with the league. A name that people easily remember will become closely associated with the thrill of XFL football.

  • Saberhawks: “Saberhawks” conveys a team that’s known for its sharp skills, strategic thinking, and aggressive playstyle, making it a dynamic and memorable team name for the XFL.
    Jordan Thomas, TE
  • Atlantic City CardSharks
  • Wake Forest Demon Deacons
  • Vegas Vipers
  • Odessa-Midland Comets
  • Pennsylvania Immortalz
  • Kansas Koyotes
  • C.J. Brewer, DL
  • Central Texas Gorillas
  • Sam Houston State Bearkats
  • Bryce Thompson, S
  • London Beefeaters
  • Wichita Falls Diablos
  • Houston We Have a Touchdown
  • Madden About You
  • Blaze Battalion: “Blaze Battalion” conveys a team that’s known for its fiery spirit, teamwork, and unified approach to competing in the XFL, making it a powerful and evocative team name.

XFL Team Names

An impactful team name for the XFL league should create a strong and lasting impression on fans and opponents alike. It should evoke a sense of power, significance, and influence.

To achieve impact, consider using words or elements that symbolize force, dominance, or unique characteristics of the team, making it stand out and leave a mark in the minds of all who encounter it.

An impactful team name can inspire and rally fans while instilling a sense of respect and awe among competitors.

  • Fusion Fury: ”Fusion Fury” conveys a team that’s known for its dynamic and passionate style of play, making it an exciting and impactful team name for the XFL.
  • Los Angeles Kiss
  • Vegas Vipers
  • Arlington Renegades
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Mavericks
  • Cincinnati Jungle Kats
  • Schuylkill County Coal Crackers
  • The Tight Ends
  • Crack-Smoking Monkeys
  • Seattle Sea Dragons
  • TDECU Stadium
  • Da Bear Necessities
  • The Survivors
  • Louisiana Swashbucklers
  • Vortex vipers: ”Vortex Vipers” signifies a team that brings a whirlwind of energy and tactical prowess to the XFL, making it an intriguing and cool choice for a team name.

New XFL Team Names Ideas

An effective name for the XFL league should be captivating and simple to recall. The name should possess a rhythmic quality that adds an enjoyable aspect to its pronunciation.

Catchy names often feature wordplay, alliteration, or unique combinations of words that stick in people’s minds. It should also create a sense of excitement and anticipation, encouraging fans to get involved and follow the league.

A catchy name can become a rallying point for fans and a memorable part of the XFL experience.

  • Avalanche Avengers: ”Avalanche Avengers” conveys a team that’s known for its overwhelming force on the field and relentless pursuit of victory, making it an impactful and formidable team name for the XFL.
  • Dak to the Future
  • Birmingham Barracudas
  • Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils
  • Alize Mack, TE
  • Upstate Dragons
  • Jacques Patrick, RB
  • Naugatuck Valley Riverdawgs
  • San Antonio Brahmas
  • Iowa Barnstormers
  • Alabama Steeldogs
  • Hakeem Butler, WR
  • Carolina Cowboyz
  • Northern Kentucky River Monsters
  • Yakima Shockwave
  • Thunderstrike titans: “Thunderstrike Titans” implies a team that delivers electrifying performances with strength and impact, making it a compelling and memorable name XFL team.

All XFL Team Names List

An amazing name for the XFL league should be captivating, memorable, and reflective of the league’s spirit. It should evoke excitement and intrigue while conveying the essence of the sport.

Consider combining elements like “extreme,” “innovation,” “power,” or even incorporate futuristic elements to make it stand out. An amazing name should leave a lasting impression and draw fans to the league.

  • Teddy Throwsevelt
  • Love Sack, Baby
  • Easier Said Than Run
  • South Shore Monarx
  • Cougars
  • Caucasian Invasion
  • Cry Me a Rivers
  • D.C. Defenders
  • Wade Phillips
  • The Great White Hope
  • Columbus Bullies
  • Hines Ward
  • Accelerators
  • Hugh Jass Construction
  • Renegade ravens: “Renegade Ravens” signifies a team that defies expectations, thinks outside the box, and relies on intelligence and strategy to excel in the XFL, making it a distinctive and thought-provoking team name.

XFL Team Names 2023

Involves brainstorming unique, memorable, and relevant names that capture the essence of the league’s identity. It should consider factors like the sport (football), entertainment, and the league’s mission.

  • Louisville Bourbons
  • Southeastern Oklahoma State Savage Storm
  • Orlando Guardians
  • Back that Pass Up
  • Past our Primetime
  • Sacks to Be You
  • CSU-Pueblo ThunderWolves
  • King Salmons
  • St. Francis Xavier X-Men
  • East Texas SaberKats
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • The Junk Yard Dogs
  • Fort Wayne FireHawks
  • Antwuan Jackson, DL
  • Names for Football Team
  • Cyclone crusher: “Cyclone Crusher” conveys a team that’s known for their relentless force and aggressive tactics in the XFL, making is an impactful and attention-grabbing team name.

San Antonio XFL Team Names

  • Jack Heflin, DL
  • Minnesota Havok
  • Niko Lalos, LB
  • Seattle Sea Dragons
  • Tucson Thunder Kats
  • Barry Wesley, OL
  • Hamburg Sea Devils
  • Vegas Vipers
  • Jaryd Jones-Smith, OT
  • Bait and Tackle
  • Casual Sacks
  • Houston Pride of Texas
  • Ben DiNucci, QB
  • Thanks, but I’ll Pass
  • The Madden Hatters
  • Maverick Marauders: ”Maverick Marauders” signifies a team that embraces a non-conformist spirit while maintaining an aggressive and relentless style of play in the XFL, making it a distinctive and intriguing team name.

XFL Team Logo

  • The Cruel Cobras
  • Medicine Hat Maurauders
  • Swampdogs F.C.
  • St. Louis BattleHawks
  • Denver Donkeys
  • Hit the Sack
  • John Parker Romo, K
  • Memphis Xplorers
  • Sacksaholics Anonymous
  • Kevin Atkins, DT
  • Garden City Broncbusters
  • Tennessee River Sharks
  • Daniel Whelan, P
  • Gulf Coast Monarchy
  • Eclipse Enforcers: “Eclipse Enforcers” conveys a team that brings an aura of mystery and authority to the XFL, symbolizing their strength and control over their opponents, making it a compelling and memorable team name.

How To Choose A Name For Your XFL League Team

Selecting a team name for the XFL league requires both creativity and a strategic approach. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in selecting the ideal name.

  1. Understand Your Identity: Consider the values, mission, and identity of your team. Are you aiming for a fierce and aggressive image or a more strategic and intellectual one? Understanding
  2. Research and Brainstorm: Research existing team names in the XFL and other sports leagues to ensure your name is unique.
  3. Embrace Creativity: Be creative in your approach. Experiment with wordplay, alliteration, and unique combinations of words that represent your team’s personality and aspirations.
  4. Check for Trademarks: Ensure that the name you choose is not already trademarked by another entity to avoid legal issues.
  5. Finalize and Register: Once you’ve chosen a name, register it with the XFL league and secure the necessary trademarks and domain names.


Selecting a team name for the XFL league is a critical and multifaceted process that should reflect the team’s identity, values, and aspirations. It encompasses a blend of creative thinking, research, and strategic analysis.

A well-chosen team name should not only resonate with fans but also be memorable and unique within the league. Careful consideration of regional ties, fan appeal, and visual branding can all contribute to a successful choice.

Ultimately, the chosen team name becomes a central part of the team’s identity and should inspire pride and enthusiasm among players, fans, and the entire XFL community.

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